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Estate Planning Services at Secure Futures, LLC

Here to Safeguard Everything You Have Worked so Hard to Earn

Secure Futures, LLC is known as one of the premier estate planning and advising firms. Our fully customized services provide meaningful financial security. Our financial planners specialize in Proper Estate Planning, yet our professional and intellectual dexterity also empowers us to assist clients to meet their retirement goals and safeguard their assets. For more than three decades we have assisted hardworking people in planning their financial futures.

Secure Futures Financial Planning

You need an experienced and skilled financial planning team on your side. Our financial planning services will help you reach your retirement goals, protect your assets, and safeguard your financial future. From estate planning to strategies for tax savings, probate protection, legacy planning, spend down protection, and more, Secure Futures, LLC has your needs covered.

Estate Planning

Secure Futures, LLC is here to develop a fully customized estate plan that allows us to plan your financial future. There is no need to cede control of your affairs. Well-crafted estate plans account for unexpected events such as a disability. These plans designate assets to be given to specific individuals at certain points in time, in exactly the manner you desire.

Estate plans should be comprised of disclosed costs for you as well as those you care for. At its core, estate planning is all about people. This is your chance to ensure your loved ones are taken care of after you pass away. The key to prudent estate planning is fully customized, comprehensive, and clear instructions pertaining to your continued care, as well as instructions for those you love. Such instructions are detailed in wills, trusts, etc. The typical client is best served with several such tools as opposed to just one.

Retirement and Tax Planning

Retirement planning includes savings, wills, pensions, and strategies for tax reduction and insurance. In particular, tax planning is especially important. This retirement planning component is essential for determining tax liability. It’s not only personal tax planning that matters but also family tax planning.

Social Security and Federal
Employee Benefits

You deserve all the benefits you can get after your decades of hard work. Our Social Security and federal employee benefits advisers will help you maximize your benefits.

Financial Planning Customized to Your Specific Needs and Goals

Successful financial planning requires a customized approach. Meet with our financial planning team to discuss your financial standing and goals. You will be provided with a fully customized plan that suits your needs as well as your family’s needs. We even provide financial planning for businesses. This is the assistance you and your loved ones need to enjoy true financial security that ultimately empowers you to truly enjoy.

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