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Spend Down Protection

If you are unaware of your options for financial protections in retirement, you may end up spending most, if not all, of your money on nursing home care. Secure Futures, LLC is here to help you prepare to develop the best plan for your future.

You may be eligible for medical assistance through Medicaid and not even know it. This program assists those with minimal income and resources pay for medical care. If you cannot afford medical care, the assistance of Medicaid might make it possible to receive the care necessary to become and remain healthy. The money is not paid to directly to you. Rather, it is transmitted to health care providers according to the state rules. If you pay anything at all, it will be a relatively minor co-payment. Meet with our financial planning services team and we will go over the many different options available to protect your money, set your loved ones up for financial success, and obtain the high-quality medical care you deserve.

Retirement Income

Entering retirement is no excuse to stop accumulating wealth. Our financial planning service team is here to help you maximize your wealth throughout your golden years. You can always use more financial options to cover your ongoing needs and assist your loved ones. Our financial planning services will detail the strategies necessary to optimize lifetime income planning. These strategies empower you to build wealth and pass assets on to heirs.

As an example, annuitization forecasts your remaining lifespan to determine how much money you can remove from savings without running the risk of financial hardship. Tiering is another example of financial planning services that put money aside for income in the present and future. This approach guarantees you will replace the money you spend.

Our Financial Planning Services Will Help You Save on Taxes 

Saving money on taxes is only possible if you are fully informed. There is no sense paying more taxes than you have to. Our financial planning services team is here to help you save on taxes. We know exactly how to maximize your tax return and minimize your tax liability. If you want to learn more, we will show you tax savings strategies necessary to preserve your money.

Our Financial Planning Services Extend to Probate Protection

Probate transfers property legal titles from the decedent’s estate to those named as beneficiaries. Probate is a reference to proving a valid will exists or proving the identity of legal heirs in the event a will does not exist. Probate is necessary to determine who receives the decedent’s property. The court provides others with the opportunity to object to a will. The will is deemed valid if no objections are raised.

Possible objections can stem from a subsequent will, which if valid, replaces the old will. Examples of claims can be that the deceased party was not mentally competent, claims of fraud, or undue influence. Add in the fact that the probate is publicly viewable and it is easy to understand why most people do everything possible to avoid it. Our financial planning services providers are here to help you avoid the costly and time-consuming probate process. 

Leave a Legacy

Secure Futures, LLC can provide you with the tools you need to transfer wealth in a seamless manner. A Stretch IRA serves as a means of transferring wealth to extend asset tax-deferred earnings of pre-existing or recently created IRAs. Such IRA assets are passed to a beneficiary younger in age. This strategy guarantees money is given to loved ones and others designated as heirs, rather than the government. 

Smart Giving Through Financial Planning Services 

Take advantage of our financial planning services and you will be able to leave a legacy without being subjected to risk. Your heirs will receive your full estate if you engage in Smart Giving. As an example, using assets to obtain a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) to create an annual income that was unavailable in the past or obtaining a life insurance policy to offset the loan against your assets will help generate a considerable payment to your selected charitable beneficiary.

Financial Planning Services: Life for The Living

It is time to think of life insurance as something beyond a mere death benefit. Let our team explain the merits of our financial planning services and you will find life insurance can provide benefits beyond those provided by traditional plans. We are here to determine which plan is ideal for your unique situation.

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